10 Tips for Writing Smart Web Copy

10 Tips for Writing Smart Web Copy
Smart web copy adapts to the reader

Website Visitors Don’t Read—They Scan

Many websites have nice, long “Welcome!” messages on their Home pages.

Many visitors don’t read them.


Website visitors scan down the page. They don’t read every word.

  • They have short attention spans

  • They’re in a hurry to find the information they want

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your visitor’s attention.


10 Tips for Writing Savvy Web Copy

Adapt to your visitor with the following tips:

  1. Use simple words. Use the words your site visitors use.

  2. Write simple sentences. Don’t use compound sentences.

  3. Write short paragraphs.  Write one idea per paragraph. Write four lines or less per paragraph.

  4. Add space between paragraphs.

  5. Use lots of headings to break up paragraphs. Use them to convey key information.

  6. Use bullet points and lists.

  7. Use links, images, and videos. Put important information in image captions.

  8. Use positive, action words.

  9. Highlight information with bold or italics.

  10. Use a conversational tone.

Use these tips and you’ll keep your visitor’s attention.

The K.I.S.S. of Web Copy

Keep It Short and Simple

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