Blogging: 20 Tips for Tempting Titles

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Blog Titles
20 Tips for Tempting Titles

A couple of seconds.


That’s how long you have to tempt web searchers to click on your blog title.

How do you seduce a searcher to click on your title? With help from the following tips.

Choose tips from the list. Mix and match. Brainstorm.

Write a tempting title!

20 Tips for Tempting Titles

1. Use action verbs

Start the title with an action verb. Choose one that’s compelling.

  • Read

  • Download

  • Learn

  • Win

  • See

  • Find out

  • Save

2. Use attention-grabbing adjectives

Searchers love blogs about both simple and flashy topics.

  • Simple

  • Easy

  • Quick

  • Exciting

  • New

  • Free

  • Latest

  • Popular

3. Spark curiosity

Ask a question that the searcher wants answered. Reveal secrets.

Examples: “Who Will Star In My Next Book?” “The Secrets to a Selling Synopsis Revealed”

4. Add a number

If your post includes a list of tips, steps, or items, include the number in your title. Searchers love numbers. They’re eye-catching. They promise a quick fix. Common numbers like “10” do well. So do obscure numbers like “19.”

5. Start with “How to…”

“How to…” is a classic.

Example: “How to Write a Flesh-and-Blood Villain”

6. Promise what you deliver

And deliver what you promise. Your title should accurately reflect the content of your post.

7. Apply alliteration

Alliteration is attention-getting.

8. Show value

Show the value of your post. Indicate the benefits to readers.

Example: “Gain More Readers with Catchy Blog Titles”

9. Keep it short

Edit the title until it’s as short as possible. A short title won’t get cut off in emails or search engine results.

  • 10. Punctuate with care

  • Use the following punctuation:  , –  : ? !

  • Do not use: & <>#@  These punctuation marks confuse web browsers and RSS readers.

  • Use a comma instead of “and.”

  • Don’t place a period at the end of the title.

  • Use single quotation marks when quoting a source.

11. Avoid generic words

Avoid squishy words like “things.” Use Be precise. Be powerful. Be colorful.

12. Consider your audience

This tip is related to “Show value.” Show the value to your demographic. To the visitors you want to attract. What does she want to read about? What does she want to know?

13. Be positive