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Contemporary Premade Book Covers

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Click on the thumbnail to order ebook, print, and audiobook formats. Ebook prices listed below. Paperback price is +$60, paperback plus audiobook price is +$80. Enter instructions and special requests with order. Font changes are free. Customization may incur an additional charge. Payment may be made with a credit card or PayPal. All book covers are licensed for unlimited ebook and audiobook covers and up to 250,000 print copies. Each cover is unique and sold only once.


  • Ebook: An ebook comp will be delivered within 2 business days of purchase.

  • Paperback: A paperback comp will be delivered within 3 business days of receipt of formatted manuscript page count.

  • Audiobook: An audiobook comp will be delivered within 2 business days of purchase.

  • You will receive a finished ebook cover at least 1650px x 2600px. Audiobook covers are 2400px x 2400px. Paperback book covers are available in KDP or BookBaby trim sizes.

"When it comes to marketing their book, the cover design is [the author's] primary sales tool, the face of their project, and the thing that can elevate them to a professional standard in the eyes of readers… does a professional book cover actually get you more clicks and sales?

On average, we saw a 35% increase in the marketability of books with professional covers."

Revealed: The Real Marketing Value of a Professional Book Cover

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